Purchase Class Passes

Charlotte Beach Location 

The Charlotte Beach location accepts drop in students.


     Drop-in $12

     5 Class Pass $ 55.00

     10 Class Pass $ 100.00 

All class passes are non-refundable.

Perinton Center Park Location 


     4 Class Pass $ 52.00

     8 Class Pass $ 104.00

Perinton classes can only be purchase through the Perinton Recreation Center. Sign up today up through the Perinton Recreation Center, click here.  We are still taking registration for Saturday classes and Thursday classes will be prorated throughout the season. 


Bogus Pointe Park Location


5 Classes $55.00

Bogus Pointe classes can only be purchased through the Hilton/Parma Recreation Center before July 28th. Purchase class passes online: https://secure.rec1.com/NY/hilton-parma-recreation/


Penfield Rothfuss Park Location


7 class pass: $70.00

4 class pass: $ 44.00

Individual Drop in class pass $12.00

(Individual class passes must be registered for at the Penfield recreation office:
 1980 Baird Road, Penfield,  Ny 14526) Purchase class passes online: www.penfieldrec.org 

All class passes are non-refundable.