About Stand Up Paddleboarding

Boarding2-720x340Jennifer M, is also available to teach private SUP lessons and SUP yoga lessons during the summer. Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) has grown in popularity due to its ability to sculpt the body quickly. It is a fun way to earn toned (and tanned) legs, abs and arms, and you will fire more muscles than you knew you had. SUP has the ability to burn up to 800 calories per hour.

This exercise targets the core muscle groups in the mid-section of the body and the back because of the training environment-an unbalanced surface.  This trains muscles to fire in c0-coordinated ways, as opposed to traditional resistance training where muscles are trained in isolated groups because of the stable environment.

SUP helps with balance, coordination and toning all at the same time.

About SUP Yoga

Now, imagine doing yoga on a moving surface. SUP Yoga combines the use of typically unused muscles and trains muscles to not only fire in co-coordinated ways but initiates tapping into physical strength and flexibility needed to practice the asanas (yoga poses).


Intro to SUP $50/hr

A private one-on-one lesson that takes you through the basics of Stand Up Paddleboarding.

SUP Yoga Intro $55/hr

A private one-on-one lesson that takes you through the basics of finding balance on a Stand Up Paddleboard while doing beginner yoga.

SUP Yoga Flow $60 /hr

A one-on-one lesson takes you through an hour vinyasa yoga class flow on the Stand Up Paddleboard.

Classes can be arranged at the following locations; Durand Eastman, Kendall Yatch Club, and Irondequoit Bay. Please feel free to suggest a location. Lessons can be scheduled on most Saturdays after 1pm, most Sundays after 2pm and select evenings throughout the week. To schedule your lesson please email 

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